Reviews from Barnes & Noble and Customers!

"As a mother of two young children I found this book fun and entertaining. My children love Snarly Sally and in the process we are talking about the ABC'S. The illustrations are quite imaginative. I look forward to more Snarly Sally books!"

"Adventures with Snarly Sally & her puppy Tangles...My four and three year old daughters ask me to read this almost every night...thank you for this terrific book." -- Tanya Kuhns

"My children and I LOVE this wonderful, imaginitive story. Snarly Sally and her dog Tangles are so adorable; they have become part of our night time reading ritual. We are looking forward to more fun adventures with these two very special characters! "

"The Really Hairy Scary Butterfly Rescue"

"Very cute story! The illustrations are very vivid and cute. I like the mini poems by Snarly Sally scattered throughout the book along with the regular story. I'm looking forward to the next book."

"We Love Snarly Sally! The special poems scattered throughout the book add a very nice touch to its overall feel, and actually served as the basis of our 'journal week' in my second grade class. My second grade class and my own children would tell you to 'read it again!'. Keep writing more 'Snarly Sally Adventures' Ms. Ward, we are anxiously waiting!" -- Janice Green San Diego, CA
"Very loveable characters and fun story for children! The Really Really Hairy flight of Snarly Sally is the latest book my children are 'hooked on'. We have to read it every nite before theygo to bed. We laugh together and discuss each page in detail (the illustrations are so bright and inviting). The story is very cute and Sally and her puppy Tangles are adorable! We can't wait for the next Snarly Sally book to be available!"

"A Winning ABC Book! What a delight to the eye and imagintion! This stand out ABC rhyming adventure truly teaches while entertains my children. The illustrations are wonderfully bright and appealing and the little characters (Snarly Sally and her puppy Tangles) are adorable. A great read. We love Snarly Sally! My daughter's teacher also uses it in her classroom!"

"The Really Hairy Scary Butterfly Rescue"